Viagrow Horticultural Vermiculite #3

Size: 1 Cubic Foot
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Viagrow Vermiculite is a natural soil amendment that promotes moisture retention and aeration in potting mixes and delivers vital elements to the plant roots resulting in better root development, growth rates and yields. Viagrow vermiculite can be mixed with Peat moss, mushroom compost, cactus soil, organic soil, bark, perlite, compost, coconut coir, worm casting, potting soil and just about any soil or soilless media. Viagrow Vermiculite #3 naturally attracts and holds positively charged ions, like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and ammonium, releasing these vital elements to the plant roots. It even contains potassium and magnesium, which are then available as a supplemental slow-release supply of essential nutrients. Vermiculite is great for container gardens, square foot gardening, raised bed gardens, green house mixes and hydroponic drip systems. Viagrow vermiculite #3 has been developed with Successful Growing in Mind with a negative charge, it provides an excellent cation-exchange capacity which promotes healthy bacteria in your growing media and attracts and holds positively charged ions, improves water retention, wettability, has pH stability in soilless mixtures and Exhibits greater particle strength. For a great soilless mix combine 30% Viagrow vermiculite VER4 with 30% Viagrow perlite VPER4 and 40% Viagrow coconut coir VCCB5.

  • Viagrow Vermiculite is mined, heated, and packaged in the U.S.A. Viagrow Vermiculite grows American crops and creates American jobs
  • [ASBESTOS FREE] all Viagrow vermiculite is mined in asbestos free mines, Viagrow vermiculite is tested rigorously to ensure our customers are receiving a safe product, Viagrow has a long history with a lot of test data showing again and again that Viagrow Vermiculite contains no asbestos
  • [Germinate] great for germinating many varieties of plants, Great for potted plants, holds moisture and nutrients while providing great aeration to the soil and promotes faster root growth
  • [Seed starting] Viagrow vermiculite is a great seed starter and can be used for many different applications such as hydroponics, indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, eliminates compaction in potted plants, and is great for square foot gardening
  • [STERILE] Viagrow Vermiculite is sterile, odorless, will not mold or rot, and has pH stability

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