Atlantis Hydroponics®
Doing it Indoors since 1998!

Atlantis Hydroponics® opened its first store in 1998, with the drive to help make hydroponics the future of horticulture. We pride ourselves in providing knowledge and the best available products to our customers. Carefully chosen and tested equipment and nutrients ensure our customers have maximum results with their plants. We deal in practical, environmentally conscious methods, mastering how to garden effectively.Teaching earth-friendly practices also translates directly to the community. Atlantis has participated in a number of science days, youth-oriented programs, grade school education, university hydroponic systems, and even art exhibits. Check out our Community Outreach pages to learn more about the exciting things going on at Atlantis! Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will find it for you. Please visit a retail store to meet our knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves on our knowledge about the products we sell and the ability to answer your questions.

Mission Statement

To make self-sustaining gardening an integral part of people's home and community.

Our Commitment

• Dedication to researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing gardening goods and consumables to the general public.

• Striving to reduce our carbon footprint through recycling - recycled paper for our catalogs, bulb recycling, and more.

• Educating people about environmentally conscious products.

• Integrity: Our products are tested to deliver quality and reliability.

• To deliver the best service, selection, and value to our customers and invest heavily in our staff so they can better serve customers.

• Respect for our customers privacy and confidentiality.