Viagrow Dry pH Control Kit

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The Viagrow® natural pH control kit comes complete with pH Up & down adjusting powder crystals and is formulated using the highest food grade quality and includes a broad range pH test kit which will indicate the pH value of your nutrient solution. While the pH down powder contains food grade citric acid and is safe for all food crops, the pH Up powder contains food grade potassium bicarbonate and is safe for all food crops. The Viagrow® pH Up & down are highly concentrated so less is needed for use as compared to most brands. Viagrow® pH Up & down can be used in all growing mediums – Soil, soilless, hydroponics, or to adjust a foliar application. Maintaining a proper pH is an important part of growing healthy plants and your broad range pH test kit will measure pH as low as 4 and as high as a value of 10. To grow the most vigorous plants maintain a slightly acidic pH in your choice of growing media, It is recommended that the pH for most crops fall between 5.5 and 6.5. Use moderately. Add a small amount of the pH adjusting crystals, mix thoroughly and then test the pH. Repeat application and test again until appropriate pH level is achieved.

• Highly concentrated and cost effective plant nutrient adjusters
• Food grade quality and safe for all food crops
• Can be used in all growing medias
• The pH test kit can indicate a broad range of pH value from 4 to 10 and includes 160 tests.
• Viagrow® natural pH Up & down powder is to be used to raise or lower the pH of plant nutrient solutions

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