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Introducing Tray2Grow: The Ultimate Automated and Versatile Plant Feeding System

Experience the advanced functionality of Tray2Grow, a groundbreaking irrigation system engineered to meet the diverse requirements of plant cultivation. Leveraging complete automation and a self-sustaining design, Tray2Grow delivers unparalleled efficacy in nurturing plant life. From accommodating seed trays to microgreens and various containers, Tray2Grow outperforms its counterparts within the AutoPot series, establishing itself as the preeminent irrigation solution in today’s market.

Revolutionize your cultivation practices with Tray2Grow’s adaptability. The first way in which it can be used is with the included capillary spikes that can be integrated within the tray structure to facilitate seamless substrate irrigation, particularly within grow bags. These spikes delicately penetrate the underside, ensuring optimal moisture distribution for plant sustenance.

By removing the spikes and installing the capillary matting, users can configure the system to support up to four standard-sized seed trays, two microgreen trays, or an array of bottom-perforated or fabric pots. Finally, the spacious 23.5-gallon framed fabric planter offers an ideal solution for gardening endeavors for root vegetables or living soil applications.

On top of it all, for trellising enthusiasts, three guide holes per side of the tray accommodate garden canes, while embedded spirit levels ensure precise horizontal alignment.

One tray, five different uses. Transform your garden today with the Tray2Grow!

Make the Tray2Grow a part of your gardening setup by connecting it to a FlexiTank Reservoir This seamless integration ensures a continuous supply of water for your plants, facilitating optimal growth and development.


  • Length: 43.9 inches
  • Width: 16.1 inches
  • Depth: 3.8 inches

Download Tray2Grow Instructions

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