Southern Agriculture Soluble Fertilizer 25 Pound

NPK: 20-20-20 All Purpose
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Southern Ag 20-20-20 is a soluble fertilizer with minor elements for use on ornamentals, shrubs, trees, lawns, house plants, tobacco, and vegetables. It provides essential nutrients for larger plants and more blooms, fruits and vegetables.


Spray: 5 lbs. per 100 gallons.
Drench: 2 lbs. per 100 gallons.
Constant feed: 50-200 ppm.(See label for chart)
Turf: 1 lb. in 10 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft.

Spray: thoroughly every 7 - 10 days.

Drench: 100 gallons per 400 sq. ft.

Active Ingredients:

Nitrogen - 20% (Ammoniacal Nitrogen - 6%; Nitrate Nitrogen -5.98%; Urea Nitrogen - 8.02%)

Phosphate - 20%
Potash - 20%
Chlorine - not more than 1%
Boron as B - 0.02%
Copper as Cu (Chelated) - 0.05%
Iron as Fe (Chelated) - 0.10%
Manganese as Mn (Chelated) - 0.05%
Molybdenum as Mo - 0.0005%
Zinc as Zn (Chelated) - 0.05%


Southern Ag 10-30-20 Bloom Booster Fertilizer - 25 Lbs
Southern Ag 10-30-20 Bloom Booster Soluble Fertilizer High in Phosphorous for more roots and flowers. Great for transplanting and bedding plants. Best used on flowers, roses, house plants, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Rate of use: Transplant Solution:Mix 5 pounds in 100 gallons of transplant water (1.5 Tbs. per gallon). For annuals and vegetable sets use 1/2 to 1 pint of transplant solution per plant. When transplanting through plastic mulch, and when transplanting where high soluble salt concentrations in the soil are anticipated, use 1 pound per 100 gallons of water ( 1 tsp per gallon).Soil Drench:For new plantings ( trees and ornamentals) use 5 pounds in 100 gallons of water ( 1.5 Tbs. per gallon). Apply as a drench using 1 pint per sq. ft. of drench area.Foliar Spray:Use at a rate of 5 pounds in 100 gallons of water (1.5 Tbs. per gallon).Constant Feed:Where injector systems are used, the following table may be used to determine the amount of fertilizer to use in concentrate tank. When constant feeding, it is often desirable to leach potted and benched plants about once a week in order to avoid excessive fertilizer build up, particularly on the soil surface. Active Ingredients: Nitrogen - 10% (Nitrate Nitrogen: 5.10%; Ammoniacal Nitrogen: 4.90%) Phosphoric Acid - 30% Potassium - 20% Boron (B) - 0.05% Copper as (Cu) - 0.05% Iron (Fe) - 0.10% Manganese (Mn) - 0.05% Molybdenum (Mo) - 0.0005% Zinc (Zn) - 0.05% Not more than 1% of Chlorine Product Label

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