Southern AG Sulfate of Potash Magnesia Sul-Po-Mag 0 - 0 - 22

Size: 50 Pound
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Sul-Po-Mag 0-0-22 K-Mag - 50 Lb also known as K-Mag NATURAL is the commercial name for the mineral otherwise known as sulfate of potash-magnesia.

Contains 22% soluble potash, 22% sulfur and 11% magnesium.

A quick release source of potassium, Sul-Po-Mag also makes a good addition to soils that lack sulfur.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Broadcast 10 lbs. Sul-Po-Mag per 1,000 square feet.

K-Mag NATURAL is virtually 100% water soluble, meaning crops have access to three essential nutrients:

Potassium – Essential for protein synthesis and protein formation. It improves the flavor and color of fruits and vegetables, and promotes drought tolerance, winter hardiness, and disease and insect resistance.

Magnesium – Resides at the heart of the pigment-containing molecule, chlorophyll. As rates of photosynthesis decline, so do quality and yield.

Sulfur – Remains a key element in crop proteins. It is a requirement for nitrogen fixation in legumes and vital to vitamin synthesis in all plants, important determinants of crop quality. Without sulfur, onions, garlic and mustard would not possess their distinctive flavors.

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