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The FloraFlex® Quick Disconnect Set is a versatile and convenient tool designed to connect your Flora Valve to your FloraFlex® Bubbler with ease. With its 3/4" garden hose connection on one side and a standard 1/2" thread that connects to Flora Flex Bubblers on the other, this set offers seamless compatibility and hassle-free installation.

Featuring a leak-free design, the FloraFlex® Quick Disconnect Set ensures reliable and secure connections, eliminating the need for threading or the use of Teflon Tape during manifold assembly. This not only saves you time and effort but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your irrigation system is free from leaks.

The Quick Disconnect Set is constructed with high-quality ABS plastic, offering durability and resistance to the rigors of regular use. The rubber grip provides easy handling, allowing for effortless disconnection of the bubbler when cleaning is required.

Key Features:

  • 3/4" GHT (Garden Hose Thread) connection on one side
  • 1/2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) connection that connects to Flora Flex Bubblers on the other
  • No threading required for quick and convenient installation
  • Leak-free design for reliable and secure connections
  • Rubber grip for easy handling and effortless disconnection
  • Constructed with durable ABS plastic for long-lasting performance

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Quick Disconnect Set
  • Connection Type: 3/4" GHT X 1/2" FPT
  • Material: ABS Plastic

The FloraFlex® Quick Disconnect Set simplifies the assembly of your irrigation system, providing a reliable and efficient connection between your Flora Valve and FloraFlex® Bubbler. With its user-friendly design and leak-free construction, this tool ensures smooth operation and easy maintenance. Experience hassle-free irrigation with the FloraFlex® Quick Disconnect Set.

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