AutoPot PotSock Round for 3 gal and 5 gal GeoPots

Sale price$8.39


PotSocks have been designed to keep even the most agile root system where it belongs… contained in the pot! PotSocks are great for growers cultivating long term crops or simply plants with a very aggressive root system. Available in square or round variations, to fit the easy2grow, 1Pot, XL pots or fabric pots. PotSocks will help prevent roots from growing into the tray and affecting the AQUAvalve but it is important to always check your AQUAvalves on a regular basis as aggressively rooting plants can still grow through on rare occasions. If you have a plant with an extra-aggressive root system, consider upgrading to the Drawstring PotSock or doubling up on PotSocks to add an extra layer of protection.

This PotSock Round will fit either the 3 gal and 5 gal Fabric GeoPot or the 6.6 gal plastic pot used in XL systems.

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