Philodendron Hastatum (Silver Sword)

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The Hastatum is nicknamed Silver Sword due to it slightly shimmering, blue-green leaves. Grown for its foliage, it does not boast significant blooms, but is a staple addition to Philodendron lovers. Capable of handling slight neglect, like most philodendron, it prefers to slightly dry between waterings. As a general rule of thumb, yellowing denotes overwatering or inconsistent watering; browning tips or edges generally denotes a lack of humidity or underwatering too much. Like most Philodendron, this prefers well-draining media and to slightly dry between watering; to prevent "wet feet," allow the first several inches of the pot to completely dry before rewatering. It tolerates average household humidity, but always ensure plants are away from air vents and not placed in drafty areas. If inside, Philodendron can tolerate medium to medium-bright, indirect light; if outside, place in a semi-shaded area until fully acclimated to direct sun during warm and humid months. Always remember, the more light and warmth your Philodendron is getting, the more frequently you will have to water as the media will dry quicker. Not a finicky Philodendron, the Hastatum is a perfect Philodendron for those hoping to expand their collection.

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