Orthene 97% Acephate Spray Insecticide

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Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide is used for insect pests on trees, ornamentals and turf. Its powerful active ingredient, Acephate, works in two ways. First, Orthene 97 Spray kills insects on contact, then it penetrates plant tissue for local systemic control. No worries about rain or irrigation because plants will absorb this product within 24 hours. This product is safe to be applied without a mask due to low vapor pressure, low oral and dermal toxicity, and volatility. Orthene 97 Spray is for non crop area ant control, sod farms, outdoor and perimeter spray, trees and shrubs, greenhouse and outdoor floral crops, ground covers, and golf courses.

Target pests Aphid, Grasshoppers, Mealybugs, Orangedogs, White flies, Ants (excluding carpenter, fire, harvester and pharaoh), Black Vine, Weevil, Strawberry Root Weevil, Lace Bug, Leafroller, Birch, Moth Larvae, Scales, and others
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