Monstera Thai Constellation

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The rare Thai Constellation Monstera — known by some as the Variegated Monstera or Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation — is THE must-have houseplant for horticulture enthusiasts. This remarkable greenery boasts unique variegation — vibrant white or cream-colored spots and splashes on its deep green foliage — and is a show-stopper in any indoor garden. Discovered in Thailand in the late 90s, the Thai Constellation Monstera is a hybrid of Monstera Deliciosa and Epipremnum Pinnatum — two aroid family faves. Its variegation is the product of a genetic mutation, which makes it harder to propagate and adds to its exclusivity (and price tag — sometimes thousands of dollars!). Easy to maintain yet v. hard to find, the Thai Constellation Monstera is the one-of-a-kind gem for novice and pro-planters alike!

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