GrowFlux Access Point

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Everything you need to securely connect GrowFlux products to the cloud. 


  • Number of fixtures & sensors supported: Up to 1,000
  • Range: 500+ feet indoors through walls, 1+ mile line of sight
  • Wireless networking protocol: AetherMesh Sub-GHZ 6LoWPAN
  • Internal high performance antenna
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet port for local network connection
  • Includes 5v power adapter, 5' ethernet cable, quickstart guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any special networking requirements necessary for the Access Point to function?
The GrowFlux Access Point is designed to work with a broad range of commercial and consumer Ethernet networks. If you can plug in a notebook computer and access the Internet without any special configuration, you can connect the Access Point without any additional configuration. 

If your network requires manual DHCP configuration, you should contact your network administrator for help. These types of configurations are rare. 

I have a firewall - what do I need to do?
The GrowFlux Access Point is designed to work with all common firewall configurations and only uses outbound connections on port 443, so firewalls are not an issue. 

Is the Access Point secure?
All wireless communications are AES128 encrypted. All Ethernet communications are SSL encrypted. Bluetooth configuration can only be activated during initial device setup, and Bluetooth functionality is entirely deactivated after initial setup. 

How does the Access Point communicate on my network?
The GrowFlux Access Point utilizes only outbound TCP requests to ensure broad compatibility with secure networks. The GrowFlux Access Point cannot be accessed via inbound requests. 

How far can devices be placed from an Access Point?
The GrowFlux Access Point typically provides 500+ feet (150+ M) indoor range through floors and walls, however metal walls will block the signal. 1+ mile range is typical with line of sight. 

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