HydroCycle 4" Pro NFT Series - 8 Foot Channel

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Grow-Tek NFT Hydroponic Channels are popular because of their ease of use, unique design, efficiency, and versatility. Grow-Tek Channels are available in different sizes to accommodate all types of hydroponic growing. Whether you are producing flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, zucchini, strawberries, lettuce, herbs, or larger leafy crops, there is a Grow-Tek NFT Channel for your needs. No one beats our price and quality! 

• Manufactured to NFS certified specifications for growing edible produce.
• Contoured base centralizes nutrient flow and contoured lids allow excess water to run off.
• Simple construction provides maximum aeration to the roots.
• Lids remain secure in all conditions, yet are easily removed for fast, efficient cleaning.
• You can grow crops like forage or turf in open channels without the lid.
• You can quickly and easily cut holes in the contoured lid that will maximize your yield. By using the appropriate nutrients and watering regimes, you can bring your crops to maturity in minimum time frames.

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