FoxFarm Bush Doctor SledgeHammer

Size: 1 Quart
Sale price$39.99


OMRI Listed Yucca extract makes water wetter. Reduce excess mineral salts at root zone. Help prepare harvest / flush. Break surface tension of water. Excellent Spreader Sticker surfactant. Will help fix hydrophobic soils and media. FLUSH THAT BISH Bush Doctor Sledgehammer is a unique rinse formula designed to remove excess fertilizer build up. High fertilizer use can compromise plant growth over time due to concentrated mineral salt deposits. Sledgehammer encourages water movement through soil and soilless mediums, rinsing out unwanted mineral salt residues and relieving nutrient lock up. Use in established gardens, container plantings and hydroponic systems. Bush Doctor Sledgehammer is the easiest clearing solution you`ll ever use.

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