FoxFarm Bush Doctor Kangaroots

Size: 1 Quart
Sale price$39.99


Transplant cloning, up-potting. Bush Doctor Kangaroots is a organic alternative to root tone or rooting hormone powder synthetics. Source of amino acids and sulfates for seaweed. Compliments root growth 35 species of myco and bacteria. liquid root drench designed to enhance the proliferation or root mass development for both primary and secondary roots. organic and natural, kangaroots contains nutrition specifically designed to be instantly available for roots to absorb at optimal levels. It also contains concentrated amounts of microbes designed for hosting not only directly on the roots, but in the soil around them. Kangaroots also contains all essential macro and micronutrients that a plant needs to thrive. can be used in both hydroponic and soil applications. For optimal results, follow the foxfarm feeding schedule.

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