Ecowitt WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor

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NOTICE: You MUST use a WiFi Gateway with this moisture meter. (You can use up to 8 Moisture meters per gateway.)

This is a smart WiFi tool and will not give your data without WiFi Hookup.

WiFi Gateway Sold Here (Use up to 8 Moisture Meters per Wifi Gateway)

Combo with Gateway and Meter Sold Here

How To Water Living Soil? Use this moisture meter and keep the percentage in the 25%-45% Range with the target at 35%. My meters are all set to default 170/320 AD.

  • Soil Moisture Meter: measures soil moisture content within 72 seconds and the data can be viewed on our free WS View App after the WiFi configuration (requires a GW1000 gateway[sold separately]) to let you know when to water your plant/lawn/garden [Accessory Only, Can Not Be Used Alone]
  • Live Data on APP: requires a GW1000 WIFI gateway(sold separately) to connect to WiFi, after the WIFI configuration,the live soil moisture data can be viewed on the WS View mobile application
  • Graph & History Records on Ecowitt Weather Server: supported to upload to our free Ecowitt Weather server( to view the soil moisture data graph and download the history records on the website; it's recommended to add a shortcut of the website on the home screen of your phone for quick access
  • Support Monitoring Multi Locations: The GW1000 Gateway(sold separately) supports MAX 8 WH51 Soil Moisture Sensors. Each new sensor will be recognized as a new channel according to the Power-on sequence
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: IP66 waterproof moisture sensor, can be used for indoor outdoor potted plants, lawn, garden and more; Also works with the WH0291 Display Console(Should be at the same RF frequency) / HP3501/WH6006 Weather Station(all sold separately)

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