AutoPot 12.4 Gallon Hard Tank Kit

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The 12.4 gallon Hard Tank Kit includes all items needed to hook the tank up to an inline tap (not included). The Kit contains…

1x 12.4 gal tank
1x 12.4 gal tank lid
1x Top Hat Grommet
1x Golf Filter Kit
1′ of 3/8″ OD tubing
The 12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir has sufficient capacity to irrigate the following AutoPot Watering Systems:

1Pot – up to 6Pot
easy2grow – up to easy2grow 4
1Pot XL – up to 4Pot XL
GeoPot XL – up to GeoPot 4
XXL System – up to XXL 4
Dimensions: 24” (H) x 14.5” (W – at lid) x 11” (W – at base)

Always raise your tank to a minimum of 6” above the highest AQUAvalve.

Please note that this product includes the pre-drilled 12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir, the 12.4 Gallon Solid Reservoir Lid, Top Hat Grommet, Golf Filter Kit and 1′ of tubing. An inline tap will need to be purchased separately.

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