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Our goal at Atlantis Hydroponics® is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your hydroponic needs,
that includes information. If you have specific questions please feel free to contact us.

Discover the web's most comprehensive Gardening Guide Glossary or get up-to-speed with Hydroponics 101!
Find concise info on a variety of indoor gardening topics with our Hydroponic Quick Guides.
Need water saving techniques for regular gardens and indoor plants or grow rooms? Get Water Saving Tips here.
Check out our Measurement Conversion Tablesand Grow Room Check List.
Great Basic Plant Nutrient information, Nutrient Deficiency SymptomsCharts, and Solution TestingInfo to monitor your Nutrient Solutions. Also, take a look at How Nutrient Absorption Affects pH.
Our Plant Guide PPM and pH Charthas very useful information on PPM, pH and other useful topics. Don't forget to check out specific info for various plants -PPM and pH for Fruits, PPM and pH for Vegetables, PPM and pH for Herbsand PPM and pH for Flowers.
Check out our helpful & downloadable PPM Conversion Chart and PPM Calibration Solution Chart.
Planting a Square Foot Garden? Click here for a downloadable Square Foot Gardening Guide.
Take a look at our comprehensive guide on How To Install a Carbon Filter.
Cloning plants is easy and can save you time and money! See our "How To Clone" tips.
View our Hydroponic Video Resources page.
Beneficial Biologicals - Control garden pests with their natural predators by using the Beneficial Insect IPM Chart.

Unsure how often to run the CO2 in your growroom? Check out the CO2 Calculator.