Why use Interiorscaping for your home or business?
1. Plants clean the condition of your air. Numerous studies have proven that interior plants can eliminate harmful indoor pollution known as sick building syndrome. The more plants you have, the happier you will be!
2. Hydroculture is hypoallergenic. No soil, no mold, no mildew.
3. Plants increase a sense of well being to those around them. They are aesthetically pleasing and soothe the soul. Perfect for a stress free environment in any office!
4. The simplicity and ease of Interiorscaping makes caring for plants simple. Enjoying their beauty has never been more effortless.
Ready to try gardening? Here are just a few ways we are here to help:
Comprehensive design consultation includes an estimation of cost, materials, and labor.
Customer pick up at one of our store locations.
Education on maintenance of interiorscape installation including pest control, pruning, and other concerns.
All packages vary according to the customers needs and the unique product and services provided.
For more information onInteriorscaping, or to schedule an appointment contactinfo@atlantishydroponics.comor call 1-888-305-4450. If you are nearby, feel free to stop in at any of our locations!