Co2 Calculator

CO2 Calculator


Calculate how much CO2 will be needed to fill a grow room to the optimum level. It will also determine how long it will take to fill at the given rate.

Usually you would want to refill just after an exhaust cycle, every 3 hours for 30 minute intervals with the lights ON.

Enter the grow room length in feet


Enter the grow room width in feet


Enter the grow room height in feet

CO2 to add in PPM (Parts Per Million)  PPM*
Flow meter setting or generator size in CFH (Cubic Feet per Hour)  CFH


Grow room area  Cubic feet
Amount of CO2 required  Cubic feet
On time


*The air already has about 300 PPM so you only need to add 1200 PPM more to get the optimum level of 1500 PPM.