Viagrow Premium Earthworm Castings

Size: 1Pound / 0.9 Quarts
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Viagrow earthworm Castings are an all-natural, soil amendment, ideal for all growers. Viagrow earth worm castings are sourced from only the finest of earth worm farms where the worms are fed a nutrient rich diet of ingredients resulting in perhaps the best soil enhancer on earth. Adding a small amount of earth worm castings into the soil or planting mix for your plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, grasses / lawn, medical plants and trees will yield big results. Viagrow worm castings are all natural, sustainable and have no odor and are great for all indoor and outdoor plants

  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE] Containing only high-quality earthworm castings, Viagrow Earthworm castings are a great soil builder, perfectly suited for indoors or outdoors. Non-toxic and odor free, Viagrow Earthworm Castings are an excellent choice for houseplants, flowers, vegetables and more!
  • [NATURAL AND ODOR FREE] Viagrow Earthworm Castings contain no harmful chemicals, compost or other ingredients that will destroy your plants. Viagrow Earthworms are fed a nutrient rich diet.
  • [PERFECT SOIL AMENDMENT] Viagrow Earthworm Castings Fertilizer is natural, improves soil structure & aeration, adds significant beneficial microbial, bacterial activity, can be used as soil amendment, soil builder, soil conditioner and organic compost for your gardening.

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