Viagrow Mega Air Stone Aerator Oxygen Diffuser(Dome)

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The Viagrow MEGA AIR Air Stone works with an air pump to create scores of tiny micro bubbles, adding much-needed oxygen to the water in aquariums, hydroponic, live bait wells and aquaponic growing systems. The larger surface area and unique design of the air stone allows for the production of a greater number of these bubbles, therefore increasing the surface area of the oxygen available to your fish or plants. As the bubbles aerate the water, they also help circulate hydroponic nutrients, invigorating the roots of plants and boosting healthy growth. This air stone is meant to be used with commercial air pumps and has a 1/4in ID and 3/8in OD stainless steel barbed connector.

• 8in round & 3in thick The MEGA AIR stone diffuser creates scores of micro bubbles
• Fits 3/8in ID tubing that connects to the stones stainless steel barbed nipple
• Aerates and oxygenates water
• Can be used in aquariums, live bait wells or hydroponic systems
• Durable construction and weighs 4LBS

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