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Viagrow® Natural pH Down


The Viagrow® Natural pH down adjusting powder is formulated using the highest food grade quality citric acid and is safe for all food crops. The Viagrow® pH down powder is highly concentrated so less is needed for use as compared to most brands. Viagrow pH down powder can be used in all growing mediums - Soil, soilless, hydroponics, or to adjust a foliar application. Maintaining a proper pH is an important part of growing healthy plants. To grow the most vigorous plants maintain a slightly acidic pH in your choice of growing media. It is recommended that the pH for most crops fall between 5.5 and 6.5. Use moderately. Apply a small amount of the pH adjusting crystals, mix thoroughly and then test the pH. Repeat application and test again until appropriate pH level is achieved.

• Highly concentrated and cost effective plant nutrient adjuster
• Food grade quality and safe for all food crops
• Can be used in all growing medias
• Can be used to adjust foliar applications
• pH down powder lowers the pH in a natural way for both the professional and hobby grower