Urban Worm Bag Version 2

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We use one of these here in house at Atlantis to compost after defoliation. Great way to make your own worm castings!

Assembled Dimensions: 27" X 31" X 27"

Create organic fertilizer inside or outside your home or apartment using nothing more than common household waste like newsprint, cardboard, and food waste.


Continuous flow worm bins allow for worm-free harvests. There is never an emptying of the Urban Worm Bag.

  1. The top layer of the Urban Worm Bag features freshly-added food waste and bedding. Worms tend to stay near these top layers.
  2. Decomposition by worms and microbe continues in the middle of the Bag.
  3. The bottom of a mature Urban Worm Bag features ready-to-harvest worm castings that will be ready for use in your garden or grow operation. Worms keep working in upper layers so there should not be a need to separate them out. 

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