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The Replacement Pots are our tapered premium fabric Oxypots made specifically for the Super-Flow Ebb and Flow System. Each replacement Pack comes with (6) of our five seam stitched, durable polypropylene bags designed with precision and quality. Oxygen Pot Systems - Super-Flow System Replacement Fabric Pots 4.5 Gallon Size Promote the following: ¥ Heavy duty 5 seam double stitching ¥ Unique tapered design to specifically fit the Super Flow System perfectly (not intended for any other use) ¥ Specially designed handles make transporting your plants in and out of grow sites extremely easy ¥ Breathable polypropelene fabric aerates root zones and promotes a strong and healthy root structure ¥ Enables any type of growing medium to be used *Note: The Super-Flow Replacement Pots are specifically tapered and designed for use in the Super-Flow system only.