Sun System 150 Watt Grow Light

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The Sun System HPS 150 Watt with Ultra Sun Lamp is a small, user friendly light perfect for flowering grow rooms. This little light packs a huge dose of red light, so even small grow rooms can experience heavy, potent harvests!

The high intensity Ultra Sun Bulb produces an incredible 16,000 lumens, which is unheard of for a 150w bulb. It provides the perfect output and spectrum for flowering plants. But if you have an MH bulb on deck or want to grab one, you can easily swap out bulbs for veg and flower, and have a full spectrum lighting solution.

This little HID fixture is great for growing all types of plants indoors, whether you want to grow fresh herbs or fruit, or even a flowering plant. Here are some reasons we love the Sun System HPS 150 with Ultra Sun Lamp.


This fixture includes the 150 watt HPS Ultra Sun bulb, which comes with a 1 year warranty. We'll cover this bulb more in depth below.

The fixture itself implements a highly reflective aluminum insert, with vented housing to help passively cool your fixture. HPS bulbs do tend to produce a good amount of heat, which can throw your grow room environment out of whack and cause your HVAC costs to rise. With this fixture, though, you won't deal with too much of this!

The entire fixture is build from durable, white powder coating which also helps manage heat while withstanding the rigors of a moist, humid grow room. It's about as plug and play as it gets, with a 7' grounded power cord (120v).

The 150w Ultra Sun HPS Bulb (2,000K)

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