Size: 6"
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A stunning type of "peace lily," this spathiphyllum is ideal for the plant parent who is looking for a glossy foliage plant that won't outgrow its space, finishing off around 24 inches in height, with stunning flowers. Though they may have a bad reputation, spathiphyllum are very communicative plants and will quickly let you know they are in need of water. If they are wilting, thoroughly water and within a few hours, they will stand back upright. Ensure the media remains moderately moist, never completely unattended or dried out past the point of at first wilt. These do fine in household temperatures, but do not like being too cold or too hot, so do not place outside in direct sun (the rays could burn the foliage). If your Spathiphyllum are not blooming regularly, it may not be receiving enough light and move it into a brighter location.

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