Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Size: 6" hanging basket
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Commonly called the "mini Monstera," the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma is neither mini nor a Monstera. Preferring to climb upwards in the jungle floor, these plants boast larger foliage and fenestrations when allowed to climb up a stake/moss pole.

If grown as a hanging basket, they will branch wide and create a stunning addition to any hanging plant collection. Treat these similarly to Monstera, though they are not, by allowing at least half of the media to dry between watering, and when you water, water all the way through the pot until it drains. Always ensure your pots have drainage holes, so the plant isn't sitting with "wet feet" in water, which will eventually lead to root rot and an unhealthy plant. If you see limpness or browning start on existing leaves, increase humidity and check if it needs to be watered sooner. Yellowing tends to denote overwatering; check the roots and clean off any rot before it travels upward.  If you do not want to use a humidifier, you can create pebble trays using saucers, rocks, and water to increase ambient humidity evaporated upwards. Make sure you regularly clean your leaves so they can photosynthesis properly; you can use water and a clothe to wipe dust or debris away. Always ensure your growing spaces are free of clutter and debris, which could lead to potential breeding opportunities for pests. 

Multiple sizes available; 6" hanging baskets, and 6" pots with trellises; 10" pots with totem. 

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