Ultimate Clone Propagation Bundle

Sale price$119.99


Hydrodynamics Clonex Gel / 15 ml  HGC726004 1 x
Root Riot 50 Cube Tray  HGC714130 1 x
Sun Blaze T5 HO 21 - 2 ft 1 Lamp  HGC960315 1 x
Super Sprouter Sterile Disposable Scalpel  HGC728000 1 x
Super Sprouter Ultra Clear Vented Humidity Domes with Light Tracks  HGC904295 1 x
SunPack Digital Temperature Controller  SPTEMP 1 x
SunPad LITE 17 WATT 8.875 Inch x 19.5 Inch Heat Mat  SP10017 1 x

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