Peperomia Napoli Nights

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Peperomia are known for their thick, succulent-like foliage that comes in a wide variety of colors, types, and growing size. The Napolia Nights are shiny, silver, and waxy, and are a tolerant species. They prefer medium-bright, indirect, light; keep out of direct, bright sunlight that could dry out your peperomia too much, or burn its foliage. Since most peperomia are slower growing, more compact plants, you can place this on a medium-lit area and it will not quickly overgrow its space. Allow the media to dry between watering, as the quickest way to kill your peperomia is by overwatering; telltale signs include mushy, squishy, falling leaves. Your foliage should be thick and rigid, like most succulent-type plants. Allow your media to dry between watering and prevent any wet feet.

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