Assorted Variety of Orchids

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Assorted variety of orchids.

Generally, most orchids require water weekly, depending on the substrate. Most orchids are potted in spagnum moss, orchid bark, and tends to be extremely quick-draining as most are epiphytes. You also want good airflow and to not bury the roots, as they are usually free falling or crawling onto other material. Epiphytic plants (air plants) grow symbiotically attached to other plants, usually latching onto tree bark in the canopy. A few orchid types, most notably the Lady Slipper types, can grow semi-terrestrially but are still often found in loomy (sand-filled, quick draining media) soil of the jungle floor. Lithophytes grow attached to rocks and other cliffs.

Orchids require medium-bright, but indirect light, and are suitable for western or eastern facing windows, or pulled back from southern exposure to prevent sunburn. A diluted weekly feeding is suggested to encourage longer, and more, blooms, but when watering ensure the drainage flows away. For both orchids and most houseplants, the phrase "weakly, weekly" denotes a light fertilizing once a week. As epiphytic plants receive their native nutrients from rainfall and decaying matter, it can be easy to over-fertilize household specimen and burn your plant. Most orchids do not like "wet feet" so ensure there is appropriate drainage but also increased humidity. What about the temperature inside your homes? Phalaenopsis orchids grow best in mid-70s to mid-80s, while orchids like Dendrobiums prefer to be a bit cooler, around 65 to mid-70s.

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