Bird of Paradise (Orange)

Size: 10 Gallon Pot
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One of the best plants to bring a tropical vibe to your space, the Birds of Paradise, are stunning plants with long, banded, green leaves. Slits in the foliage develop in response to high winds; instead of ripping a leaf, it uses the slits in high rain or wind to stabilize its 'banana' shaped foliage. It will flourish in a brighter, sunnier, location, but may adapt to lower, indoor light. They are fine with average household temperatures, but do not want to stay below 60 degrees for long. To encourage blooming indoors, which is what plant parents want to see for a happy, healthy plant, provide brighter light to your Bird. Never allow your plant to completely dry out and become hydrophobic to the point it isn't taking water up when you do water. Water once your pot is about halfway dry, and when you water, water all the way through the pot until it drains. Always ensure your pots have drainage holes, so the plant isn't sitting with "wet feet" in water, which will eventually lead to root rot and an unhealthy plant. If you see curling start on existing leaves, increase humidity and check if it needs to be watered sooner. Make sure you clean your leaves so they can photosynthesis properly; you can use water and a clothe to wipe dust or debris away. Always ensure your growing spaces are free of clutter and debris, which could lead to potential for pests. 

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