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The Coliseum is a 300-plant site vertical garden made up of individual sections that can be stacked on top of one another to create as much growing volume as you need. By stacking Coliseum modules you can grow plants not only wall to wall, but floor to ceiling! The ColiseumÕs cylindrical design maximizes light capture, reduces water usage and re-uses the hydroponic media, making it more energy efficient that flat hydro systems. The Coliseum wraps your garden around the lights permitting virtually 100% conversion of light to plant growth. As an added bonus the Coliseum is a small plant system, meaning that more light energy goes toward flower production than vegetation. True yield potential is reached with only 3000 watts. The Coliseum has been outperforming the worldÕs most productive grow systems since its introduction - tripling and quadrupling former harvests has not been uncommon. It`s easy to assemble and maintain. The Coliseum is the ultimate grow system as it allows you to easily double your yield for the same wattage as traditional systems and quadruple your yield for the equivalent floor space. A vertical system (building vertically), the Coliseum takes up less space than traditional systems, while capitalizing on every photon of light. MINI Coliseum: ¥ 5 pairs of layers - each 16in tall ¥ 2 rows of plant sites per layer ¥ Each layer holds approximately 200 liters of Perlite or Soilless mix ¥ Requires 1,600 to 3,000 Watts of lighting ¥ Dimensions (assembled) - 67` wide x 93` tall The Coliseum is intended by the manufacturer to be run as a `run to waste` system, using the water only once rather than recirculating it over and over. This is a proven commercial approach to hydroponics, and effectively avoids root system bacterial issues. The system can be modified to be a recirculating system. The manufacturer also offers an aeroponics upgrade.

This vertical garden is manufactured to the highest available standards. Some curves in the surface may exis