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  • 8 strains of free-living nitrogen fixing microbes that bring atmospheric nitrogen into the rhizosphere (root area) where it can become available to the plants

  • Several strains that can digest typically indigestible plant residue that can be put back into the rhizosphere to support the growth of the microbial community

  • 5 strains that can solubilize insoluble forms of phosphorus, making phosphorous available to the plants

  • 7 strains that produce plant growth stimulating hormones

  • Several strains that release compounds that help capture iron and make it available to the plants

  • Several strains that produce plant vitamins

  • 7 spore forming bacillus microbes

  • Improved nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (N-P-K) uptake

  • Improved growth of root system, producing larger stems and stalks, leading to stronger plants

  • Increased water retention, aiding in better drought resistance

  • Improved yields through increased nutrient release and uptake

  • 9 microbial strains with total guaranteed analysis of 450,000,000 cfu/mL in each batch

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