Living Fresh Microgreen Grow Kits

Variety: Basic Salad Mix
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Our Complete Basic Salad Mix Microgreen Grow Kit comes with the following:

  • Indoor Microgreen Grow Kit includes everything you need to Grow your own Microgreens. Includes Reusable BPA Free Kit Grow Container that converts into a Food Storage Container for the Refrigerator. The Grow Container is Dishwasher, Refrigerator and Food Grade Safe.
  • Purchase in addition to your Microgreen Growing Kit our Microgreen Seed Resupply Kits. Your Microgreen Grow Container is designed to be used over and over again. When you add to your purchase the Microgreen Seed Resupply Kits, they have enough Grow Supplies for 3 Harvests each. Continue to purchase your Microgreen Seed Resupply Kits to establish a lifestyle of eating Living Fresh Foods. Catch the Wave of Nutrition TM.
  • Your Kit comes with an Organic Coco Coir Grow Pad for a Food Grade Growing Experience. No hassling with soil. Also included is our Food Grade Liqui-Trace TM Minerals Concentrate with Misting Sprayer to boost nutrition and keep your Plants vibrant.
  • Our Self-Wicking Watering Design provides continuous watering to your Microgreens improving your Harvest Quality and Yield.
  • Microgreens are noted for their nutritional impact. Eat Living Fresh Foods as a Snack, eat on a Sandwich or Salad, enjoy with Soup, cook them as an Ingredient to your Dish or eat as a Living Garnish.


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