Living Fresh Foods Liqui-Trace™ Minerals Foliar Spray

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Our nutrition concentrate contains over 70 different Major and Trace Minerals. When our Sea Minerals are combined with water molecules, the minerals in their free ionic state become active and electrically charged (electrolytes). Water is the medium used by the body for transporting these nutrients in the cells and for the chemical reactions of cellular metabolism to take place. Food Grade Safe for Plants, People and Pets. We ship anywhere in the USA for free.  


  • Super Condensed Low Sodium Formula of Liquid Trace Minerals. 
  • BPA Food Grade Bottle with Dropper. Comes with an Airline Travel Size Misting Spray Bottle.
  • Special Food Grade Formula for a Foliar Feed for Plants. Instructions are also included for use with People and Pets.
  • Contains over 70 different Major and Minor Trace Minerals that are Bioavailable.
  • The Liquid Trace Concentrate contains enough Formula to refill the Misting Sprayer for approximately 80 to 96 Applications.


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