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The JrPonics FishGarden BubbleGarden is a TWO-IN-ONE garden kit that comes with everything you need to start a hydroponics or aquaponics garden. It`s your choice! Just add water pets! Includes: Air Pump, Tubing and Air Stone Gravel Mix Net Cups, Grow Stones and Foam Pucks Basil Mint Seeds Nite-Out IIª Nitrifying Bacteria Nitrozimeª Seaweed Extract General Hydroponics¨ FloraDuoª A B Hydroponics Nutrients Betta Bites¨ Fish Food 30-page Full Color Instruction Manual Actual dimensions - 8.25 x 6.4 x 5.5in. JrPonics FishGarden - How It Works! The JrPonics FishGarden is a miniature aquaponics garden where kids can watch frogs, shrimp, snails or fish live, eat and grow below in a natural environment, while growing a couple of plants like basil or mint from the top. The JrPonics FishGarden easily demonstrates the powerful but natural process of nitrification where plants, pets and bacteria all thrive and do better with one another`s help. JrPonics BubbleGarden - How It Works! With the new JrPonics BubbleGarden you can learn all about hydroponics by growing plants in a miniature two site, recirculating, shallow water culture system. The plants are fed a two part hydroponics nutrient formula while air bubbles are delivered directly to the roots in the water. This creates a highly oxygenated nutrient rich environment that plants can always drink and breathe from. The JrPonics BubbleGarden makes hydroponics easy!