Fungal Brew

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Supercharge your soil with Activated Fungal Inoculant.

Benefits: a healthy living soil food web will:

1) Make nutrients available at rates plants require (eliminate fertilizer) leading to cleaner flavor and a more nutritious product.

2) Retains nutrients (reduces runoff and leaching)

3) Suppresses Disease (competition, inhibition, consumption; no more pesticides!)

4) Builds soil structure (reduce water use, increase water holding capacity, increase rooting depth, create aerobic conditions)

5) Decompose Toxins


LBM Labs Fungal Brew is made through a complex microbial process using specific fungi, bacteria, worms, and root exudates to give you a fungally dominated compost tea teeming with beneficial microbes and enzymes.

The substrate (leaves, potting mix, horse manure, coco coir) is first pasteurized or sterilized to kill all disease causing organisms. Then it is inoculated with a beneficial fungus called hypsizygus tessulatus. After the fungus decomposes the organic material it begins to create and accumulate beneficial enzymes. After 6 months to a year the fungally colonized compost is then fed to red wiggler worms to remediate the compost further and add beneficial organisms. This is then inoculated with more beneficial organisms like mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria, as well as indigenous organisms from a wide range of forests from Southern Tennessee.

It is then planted with a cover crop of nitrogen fixing plants as well as an incredible fungal host plant called sudangrass. This is allowed to grow and take root, and as it does mycorrhizal spores begin to germinate as a result of the root exudates. After 3 months the compost is absolutely FULL of beneficial organisms as well as a very high level of fungi. Fungally inoculated native wood chips are then added to the mix to add structure for brewing as well as even more fungal diversity (Stropharia rugosoannulata).


Compost Extract (used for root drench)
Simply massage the compost tea bag in a clean 5 gallon bucket full of dechlorinated water with CLEAN HANDS. It is important to squeeze the compost bag between hands to press the microbial life out of the compost and into the water. (Roughly 5psi) Compost extract should be applied within 24 hours of extraction.

To apply, simply water into the soil at a rate of 20 gallons/ acre or 1 oz per 4ft x 4ft growing space. (No risk of nutrient burn so feel free to add more to increase microbial content faster.
Use to increase microbial content in soils. This will speed nutrient cycling, helps reduce drought, help fight root diseases, builds soil structure (which helps with water retention and drainage as well as helps prevent nutrient leaching), stimulates glomalin production, and increases available nutrient pool through fungal root extensions.

Compost Tea (used for foliar spray)
To make a simple fungally dominated compost tea suspend the compost tea bag inside a reliable tea brewer such as a vortex brewer, DIY brewer like from Oregon State University, or a snake brewer from Tea LAB for 12-48 hours. 12 hours at 80F degrees, 48 hours at 50 F degrees (a 5 gallon bucket with basic air stones isn’t a reliable method for human consumption). Use 1lb of fungal compost and ¼ cup unsulfured molasses per 5 gallons of dechlorinated water.

To apply, simply use a sprayer to cover 100% of leaf surfaces (top and bottom). Compost Tea can be filtered using a 400 micron filter screen which will allow the full range of microbes to pass
through. Best to apply 3 times, 1 month apart, in the spring. Compost Tea can not be stored at room temperature. Must be used immediately after specified brewing time. Use to prevent foliar diseases as well as a fast acting nutrient boost. Must be used immediately following brew.

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