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The Flo-n-Gro 6 Site Ebb and Flow Gro System comes with a 55 gallon reservoir, six Ð food grade four gallon GRO sites and 6 Ð 3 gallon 360 degree mesh aeration inserts. This complete system features the Oceanus 1 flood and drain digital controller and includes all the irrigation tubing, fittings, pumps and parts to set up the system. The 3/4 in fill and drain lines with exclusive tub outlet tee fittings improve water exchange and flow rates to cycle your system quickly! All you need to add is your favorite soilless grow medium. Easy to set-up and simple to understand, the 6 Site Ebb Flow Gro System can be assembled in less than an hour. This system can be expanded up to 24 sites using the 6 site Ebb Flow Expansion Kit (#702785). When fully flooded with water the Ebb Flow takes approximately 1.95 gallons of water per plant site (may vary with media). All parts fit inside the 55 gallon barrel. 120 Volts/60 Hz. Patent Pending 13/200559.