Epipremnum, Golden Pothos

Size: 8" Hanging Basket
Sale price$29.99


Epipremnum, commonly called pothos, is an easy to care for plant with cascading vines and foliage that grows from the trailing stems. These look beautiful on a table or hanging. Pothos can be trained to grow on a wall or trellis. Pothos plants are an excellent choice for the new plant parent; they are forgiving, can handle a little neglect or a missed watering, and slightly adapts to your conditions. For example, once acclimated, neon pothos can grow outside in partial sun, but only once it has been acclimated to longer lengths of stronger light. Once your foliage starts to wilt, or sag slightly, you should water. Generally, yellowing leaves denote overwatering while wilting or dried edges denote a lack of humidity or underwatering. These aren't only for your Grandma anymore, all the cool kids love a plant that's low-maintenance and stunning.

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