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With a Calcium to Magnesium ratio of 4:1, CaMg is more concentrated than most other cal-mags on the market. This formulation of Calcium and Magnesium, as well as additional Nitrogen and Iron, provides your plants with the additional micro-nutrients they require and desire in Veg and Weeks 1-5 of Flowering.

Calcium is critical to plant development. It is needed in large amounts by all plants for the formation of cell walls, cell membranes, and it plays a vital role in your medium’s structure. Due to the immobility of calcium in a medium and in plant tissues, a continuous supply must be present for your plants to access and uptake it.

Magnesium is the powerhouse behind photosynthesis in plants. Without magnesium, chlorophyll cannot capture the light energy needed for photosynthesis.

Even though there is Calcium and Magnesium in our Base A & B formulas, certain plant strains, growing mediums, and environments may require supplementation of a higher concentration of these micro-nutrients.

Maximize your plants’ genetic potential for growth and production in any growing medium.

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