Arborjet AzaSol Bio-Insecticide

Size: 6oz (8 packets, 0.75 oz each)
Sale price$319.99


The Next Generation of Neem. Non-oil Based, Non-toxic.

The Next Generation Neem – A water soluble 6% Azadirachtin powder insecticide and insect growth regulator, from the Neem tree. Provides an exceptionally potent, non-oil based, and environmentally friendly insect control solution for trees, shrubs, turf, garden, vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs. Can be used as a spray, soil drench, tree injection or through chemigation. Leaves no oily residue, will not clog of equipment, Won’t burn leaves or block photosynthesis, is systemic and translaminar (Absorbed through leaves) and can be used the same day harvest. OMRI Listed for Organic Use.

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