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GT50-612 NFT Hydroponic System - Small Start hydroponic growing the easy way with a GT50 NFT Hydroponic Lettuce System. All components are specially designed or selected to create an ideal, complete NFT system for leaf/bib lettuce, herbs and more. Perfect for hobby and commercial growers alike, these systems produce large yields of lush, healthy lettuce each year! Earn extra money growing high-quality lettuce and herbs in your home. ¥ Designed for a six-week grow cycle of leaf lettuce. Produce maximum yields in a small system footprint. ¥ Channels and lids are constructed from UV-stabilized, recycled plastics that are capped with NSF-certified material. Removable, snap-on lids provide easy system maintenance with minimal downtime. ¥ Table frame is manufactured from 1.315` OD USA-made, triple-galvanized steel for long life in corrosive environments. ¥ Systems come complete with nutrient reservoir tank, Magnetic Drive Pro Pump for nutrient solution recirculation, Air Pump with Air Stone and all the necessary plumbing, fittings, adapters and more. ¥ GT50-612 is designed for a six-week grow cycle of leaf lettuce, with an average weekly yield of up to 12 heads. Manageable system for garden herbs, leafy greens and many lettuce varieties. Includes four 8`L Premium GT50 channels, which measure 4`W x 2` D x 8`L. Channels have twelve 1-3/8` site holes, spaced 8` on center. 48 total plant sites per system. ¥ Small system footprint makes it ideal for setup in garages, basements, hobby greenhouses and more! Shipping is roughly $193.00 not included in price! Same for 1 or 2 systems at a time...