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400 Watt Economy Electronic System


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Don't let the name Economy fool you; these Electronic Ballast light systems are the most affordable lighting packages bundling modern equipment, high performance, and cost efficiency for our customers. Each light system comes with an 18" reflector, Dimmable Electronic Ballast, and a plant specific bulb designed specifically for horticultural use. Simply select desired upgrades from the drop down menus to customize your grow light system to suit your needs, or call one of our experienced sales associates to guide you through picking the perfect lighting package for you. Our Electronically ballasted lighting systems generate roughly 30% more PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) for every watt of electricity consumed compared to the magnetic (core and coil) ballasts of the past. Electronic ballasts are more efficient at turning electricity into light and because light intensity often directly correlates to yield you can expect more production for the same electric bill. The electronic ballast operate at high frequency resulting in lower power loss and offer hot lamp restart protection.
More features include:
• Fast start-up - they reach full brightness quickly
• Quiet operation - they are almost completely silent
• Small compact design
• Produce less heat than traditional magnetic ballasts
• Fully interchangeable bulb capacity, ballast can light both high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) bulbs
• Ballasts come wired with universal female receptacle functional with detachable Sun System and Hydrofarm brand reflector cords
• Ballast features 3 Year limited Warranty
• HPS and MH bulbs feature a 1 year warranty
• UL Listed, CE, FCC Compliant