4 x 4 AC Infinity Bundle with Agrify R1 630W LED

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This Kit is a huge upgrade from any 4 x 4 kits on the market! Each item in this kit was hand selected for the highest quality and technology for the ultimate grow. Call us today with any questions.  


- AC Infinity CONTROLLER 69 PRO (Latest Model) 

- AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Duct Fan /w Inline Speed Control / 4 Inch

- AC Infinity Cloudray, 10 Speed Oscillating Grow Tent Clip Fan

- Upgraded Kootenay 4 Inch Carbon Filter and Flange

- 4.7 x 4.7 Sun Hut Big Easy Tent

- 630W Full Spectrum Agrify R1 Commercial LED Fixture

- Light Hangers

- Kootenay 4 Inch Carbon Filter and Flange

- Ducting, Clamps, Foil Tape.

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