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This unique hydroponic MicroGreens growing system is designed to allow more sunshine to reach between each levels, this extra space between levels also allows space for artificial lighting. Each rack has 4 levels and there are 4 channels (each channel is 10 inches wide and 12Õ long) for a total of 16 channels. The 10` wide channels are specially designed to allow multicrop production in standard 10 inch by 20 inch nuresrry propagation flats. The four teared system is constructed of durable galvanized steel support structure and UV-stabilized food grade growing channels. This rack for growing microgreens is made in the USA. Local chefs get excited by the prospect of having fresh, beautiful, MicroGreens available all year around. What is a MicroGreen? MicroGreens are tender young plants with the first set of true leaves. When growing MicroGreens, once the seeds sprout it usually takes 10-14 days before they are ready for harvest. Why MicroGreens? MicroGreens are tender, highly nutritious, and packed with concentrated flavor. MicroGreens are versatile and can be eaten as a salad, or used like an herb to add flavor to soups, sauces and other dishes. They make a beautiful garnish and are preferred by chefs. Are MicroGreens the same as sprouts? MicroGreens differ from sprouts in many ways. MicroGreens have true leaves because they are grown for a longer period of time. They are usually cut and packaged without the roots. MicroGreens are harvested at the ideal stage where flavor and nutritional value are at a peak. What type of plants are grown as MicroGreens? When growing microgreens hydroponically, there are a variety of seeds that can be grown as MicroGreens such as mustard, cress, beets, herbs, chard, broccoli, and radishes.