3 x 3 Tent Bundle with Photontek SQ 300W LED

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Everything you need to setup your ultimate 3 x 3 grow space. Every premium item has been hand picked to take out the guesswork. Atlantis Hydroponics picked all high quality items needed for your perfect grow! With the AC Infinity 69 PRO you will have the ability to control all the devices in your grow room from almost anywhere.


AC Infinity CONTROLLER 69 PRO (NEWEST Controller and has WiFi / Bluetooth) 

- AC Infinity Cloudray, 10 Speed Oscillating Grow Tent Clip Fan

- AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Duct Fan / 4 Inch

- UIS Lighting Adapter

- 3 x 3 Big Easy Tent

- Photontek SQ 300W (Up-Grade from AC Infinity's  240W 3 x 3 Light)

- Photontek LED Daisy Chain (RJ12 to 0-10V) - Used to connect to the UIS Lighting Adapter

- Kootenay 4 Inch Carbon Filter and Flange

- Ducting, Clamp, Foil Tape

- Light Hangers

Additional cost but recommended:

- UIS Control Plug (for dehumidifier/ humidifier) ($24.99)

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