2 X 2 Flood and Drain Kit Bundle (Ebb & Flow Kit)

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Note: Some units may have slight yellow discoloration from Manufacture on one side of Trays, Lids, and Reservoirs. 

10 Gallon Reservoir - White

10 Gallon Reservoir Lid - White

Flood and Drain Kit

ID Tray 2 Feet x 2 Feet - White

2 Feet x 2 Feet Tray Stand

EcoPlus Eco 100 Fixed Flow Submersible Only Pump 100 GPH

Vinyl Tubing Black 1/2 Inch ID - 5/8 Inch OD - 2 Feet

Vinyl Tubing Black 3/4 Inch ID - 1 Inch OD - 1 Feet

Mother Earth Hydroton Original / 25 Liter 

1/2 Gallon Pots x 9

One Outlet Mechanical Timer




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