2 x 2.5 Gorilla LITE LINE Grow Tent Bundle LED Grow Light & Hurricane Inline Fan

Type: Standard
Sale price$499.99


Everything you need to get growing!

This bundle is perfect for the beginner to get started without breaking the bank. It is small, but it is all you need. It will fit easily in the corner of your bedroom, basement or closet. 

All of the products we included in this bundle are high quality - not the cheap stuff found on other online retailers. 



Gorilla LITE LINE Indoor 2 Feet x 2.5 Feet Grow Tent 

- HLG 100 Rspec

- Hurricane Inline Fan 4 Inch 171 CFM 

- KFI 300 Carbon Filter

- KFI 4" Flange

- Hurricane Classic Clip Fan 6 Inch

- Growers Edge Thermometer / Hydrometer

- Apollo 6 Timer



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