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1000 Watt Electronic System


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Electronic systems come with 18" reflector, ballast, bulb, and cord and socket. Select the drop downs to customize and upgrade your grow light system. See the related items for information on the drop down selections available. Bulbs are warranted for one year. *Shown with the Solis Tek ballast.*
More lumens generated per watt of electricity consumed - Electronic ballasts have increased efficiency over magnetic ballasts. They lose fewer watts from the power supply to the lamp. This is a power factor of 99%+. The high frequency output results in low power loss.

• Fast start-up - they reach full brightness quickly
• Completely silent
• Small compact design
• Produce less heat
• Cut-off circuitry - cuts off when a short is detected for ultimate safety
• Lamp cord receptacle compatible with all Sun System reflectors and sockets
• Operates both HPS & MH bulb
• Completely silent and lightweight
• Extremely efficient
• 9% power factor
• FCC compliant
• Generator ready